You Are Not Alone! #MJFam Support Project

The past couple of months have been difficult and exhausting for all of us. Some of you may feel like you’re alone in all of this, especially if you don’t have anyone in your life who is also a fan. But don’t forget that we are a global family and we are all here for each other.

For this reason, MJJForum is creating the You Are Not Alone! #MJFam Support Project. We encourage everyone to send us your messages, whether it’s words of encouragement for other fans to read, rants voicing your frustrations about the current situation, links to artwork or videos you’d like to share, anything at all.

Everything will be displayed on a new page titled MJFam, so let’s show each other some L.O.V.E.

Whatever you choose to send us can be submitted with the form below: