White Guy on TV Doesn’t Think a Black Guy Knows His Own Mind: Shocking Breaking News!

By Jamie Bergen

Okay, so I was going to let this whole “Dave Chappelle says some hilarious un-PC shit in his new special/white liberal media have a fucking tantrum over it” thing go, but then I saw this:

So let me get this straight. Dave Chappelle has an opinion. He expresses that opinion in his inimitable style. Media loses its shit because that opinion doesn’t fall in line with their narrative. White guy who supposedly covered the 2005 trial (and we all know how fairly the media treated that) goes on TV and basically claims to know Dave’s mind better than Dave fucking does.

I think I have that about right?

Where do I even fucking begin with this? Where? The obvious, blatant racism? The desperation of the media in damage control? The patronizing second guessing of Dave’s opinion? The cluelessness in regards to his comedy?

Okay, let me work backwards. Why are these dumbass media pricks acting like Dave Chappelle being offensive is brand new information? Did they not watch his show?

Dude’s been offensive his whole career. That’s why he’s so brilliant. These fucking morons are doing themselves no favors with their pearl-clutching outrage.

As for second guessing Dave’s opinion…

Dave has ALWAYS said what he thinks. No apologies. For this, fuck, what’s his name… Tony Potts, to go on TV with his, “Well, actually…” bullshit is insulting, patronizing and of course FUCKING RACIST.

Dave knows his own goddamn mind, okay, Tony? He doesn’t need you or me or any-fucking-one else telling him what he “ACTUALLY” thinks. Bitch, you can take your “actually” and shove it right up your tight white ass.

Media. Oh, media…

Can’t have someone going against your agenda to destroy Michael Jackson, can you? Especially someone as popular and iconic as Dave Chappelle. You go on TV or your blue tick Twitter accounts or your blogs or where the fuck ever and demand we cancel him, just like he predicted you would, because you all lack the self awareness required to figure out people are sick of your bullshit.

Chappelle: Cancel culture is bullshit.


Chappelle: I don’t believe those motherfuckers.

Media: OMG CHAPPELLE IS A VICTIM SHAMER (which he totally admitted anyway ?)

Chappelle: *takes a breath*


Yeah… no. Dave’s not the one out of touch.

The patronizing, the second guessing, the desperation, the mental gymnastics… the racism.

OF COURSE a black guy doesn’t know his own mind! OF COURSE he needs a white guy to whitesplain his opinion! THANK YOU TONY POTTS FOR TELLING US WHAT DAVE CHAPPELLE REALLY MEANT! We had no idea! He only said multiple times he didn’t believe Leaving Neverland, how were we supposed to understand?? How would we ever have known what to think about Dave’s comments without you, Tony? THANK YOU OH WHITE ONE.

(I have to point out before I go, though, that Tony’s not the only one doing this because duh, of course he’s not.)

In conclusion: The media’s racist. Dave Chappelle’s a fucking genius. And we don’t believe those motherfuckers, either.

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