The Decision Is Final

By Jamie Bergen

The appeals court has finalized their tentative ruling.

Honestly, I don’t believe Wade and James are happy about this. Publicly, sure, but privately? No. They wanted settlements, not a trial. This entire farce has been about money, not justice.

And if it does go to trial, I want it televised for two reasons:

  1. I want to see their lies destroyed in real time. (I want to see Wade cross examined so badly. I mean, James, too, but Wade especially. It will be so satisfying to see that smug bastard crumble on the stand.)
  2. I don’t want the media to be able to twist everything like they did in 2005. Their days of controlling the narrative are over. And I sure as hell don’t want to see anything like this again:

Whatever happens, be sure to follow accounts like TSCM – MJ Case Facts and Commentary and andjustice4some – Michael Jackson FAN account to stay up to date.

At least the Estate is ready.

And never forget, #MJInnocent.