Numerous people spilling delicious tea.


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This photo was taken at an amusement park in Germany in 1995. Michael performed at a German TV show and the next day he went to visit the amusement park. It was actually already closed because it was winter but they opened it for Michael. It was closed to public. But since Michael always liked to share things, he invited fans to go with him. He brought about 2-3 bus loads of fans with him and I was one of the lucky ones. If you were at his hotel to support him, you were invited. No matter what age you were. He wasn’t ”luring kids” to an amusement park, he was inviting ANY FAN who wanted to come regardless of age because he was KIND and had a big heart and wanted to SHARE and GIVE BACK to the people who loved him. The media had to stay out and wasn’t allowed in because Michael wasn’t doing it for publicity. Only fans got in and EVERYTHING was FREE OF CHARGE! Entrance was FREE and we got to go on all the rides FOR FREE and got to hang out with Michael FOR FREE. I have NEVER heard any other artist or celebrity do anything like that for their fans. Ever. And as you can see from the photo, it truly was people of ALL ages. Children, teenagers, young adults and adults. Michael would also sometimes send his bodyguards to get pizza or hamburgers for the fans who waited for him outside of his hotel or he would send hot chocolate and blankets. For free. Or he would come out at night to talk to the fans outside. And he would ALWAYS send us handwritten messages. ALWAYS. That was who Michael was. That was how KIND, CARING and SELFLESS he was. Michael never did any of it for publicity. That’s why a lot of people didn’t know about the Michael we got to see and experience. He did SO MUCH for others and GAVE SO MUCH out of the pure KINDNESS of his heart. All he wanted was to make people feel loved and appreciated and happy, no matter what age they were. But since he didn’t do it for publicity people didn’t know about it and didn’t know what he was like, so they completely misunderstood him. That’s why so many believed the lies spread about him in the media. I wish they could’ve gotten to know and see the Michael we all got to experience. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL…FOR ALL TIME!! ❤️

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