Taj Jackson has posted another update regarding his documentary about his uncle Michael Jackson on his GoFundMe page.

Here’s a quick update for this past week.
It’s May 12th and I feel really good about the forward momentum and also what’s going on behind the scenes.
Each day more and more people are realizing that Leaving Neverland is one big fat lie. I am also grateful that Madonna took a pro stance defending my uncle Michael. However there is still a lot to do.
This project, as I have stated many times before, will focus on and debunk the biggest lies and rumors that the media has been carelessly recycling for decades.

Good News:
Some major allies have offered their help and support. I am constantly amazed at and reminded of the love and support for my uncle that has come from all over the world.

Phone Chats:
I have had some very interesting and important phone conversations this last week. I have a couple more in upcoming days.
The more people I talk to, the more I am sure that my approach will be the right one.

I’ve also have been watching Documentary after Documentary on my free time. Some of them really good, some of them not.
One thing is for sure, this project has to be high quality and be at the standard my uncle would have demanded.

Last but not least, I have done a couple of camera tests this past week and have some more next week.

I truly appreciate you guys supporting my uncle and wanting to see justice.
Help spread the word!

Taj still needs our help, so please click here to donate.

Source: Taj Jackson/GoFundMe


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