Statement from the Michael Jackson Estate

The Estate of Michael Jackson issued a statement regarding James Safechuck’s debunked trainstation lies.

The Root received the following statement from estate attorney Howard Weitzman of Kinsella, Weitzman, Iser, Kump & Aldisert, which read, in part:

Safechuck’s train station fiction is one of several lies in this film which shows that neither the director or HBO ever bothered to verify the claims made by these accusers. Safechuck’s allegations that he was abused in a building before it was even built and two years after he said the “abuse” stopped speaks for itself. Remember these are two individuals who filed lawsuits asking for millions of dollars after changing years of their under oath testimony and multiple denials that Michael ever did anything inappropriate to them. The lawsuits were dismissed but the accusers are appealing the dismissals. I believe for the accusers, the director and HBO this has always been about the money or ratings.

Source: The Michael Jackson Estate | The Root