MJJForum Presents: The Top 5 Celebrity Hypocrites!

By Jamie Bergen

Hypocrisy. We’ve all been guilty of it at some points in our lives. I know I have. But usually when people realize they’ve been a hypocrite, they step back, reassess, move forward and try to be better. But the following celebrities just don’t possess the maturity, strength or self awareness required to do that. Especially when their hypocrisy is about Michael Jackson. No, when it comes to him, they remain as stupid and ignorant as they’ve proven themselves to be time and time again.

So fix yourself a cup of nice hot tea and sip away while MJJForum drags presents the Top 5 Celebrity Hypocrites!

Honorable Mention: “Weird Al” Yankovic

Al didn’t expicitly say he believed Leaving Neverland, but he sure as hell allowed it to influence his decision to remove his Michael parody songs from his tour set list. Therefore, he earned a prominent place on my shit list.

Let’s take a closer look at a section of the article.

He decided to err on the side of not offending people, huh? Hmm…

So yeah, in Al’s rush not to offend people… he offended people! Just not the people who matter, right? Even though a large chunk of his fanbase is made up of people who discovered him through Eat It and Fat.

Speaking of Eat It, he even changed his Twitter profile, just to make sure people knew where he stood.



So Al actually thought the best idea was to remove all traces of Michael from his career.

Here’s another thing to take a look at: Al’s statement after Michael’s death in 2009, published on the Rolling Stone website.

So let me see if I’ve got this straight. When Michael was fashionable (and he certainly was after he died), Al loved him. But now that he’s not fashionable (according to the media, anyway), Al doesn’t love him. Is that the way things work in Al’s world? He just distances himself from someone as fast as he possibly can when they no longer serve his career?

Al had to have known that this wasn’t necessary. Since a lot of his fans are MJ fans, too, there was a pretty slim chance of concert goers actually being offended. And his fans who aren’t MJ fans probably wouldn’t have been all that bothered, either. So who did Al really do this for?

Yeah, himself.

But why? For the attention? To avoid shit from the media? To pander to the #MeToo crowd? Whatever the reason, he tossed Michael aside the moment it wasn’t “cool” to be associated with him, when he’s fully admitted in the past he wouldn’t even have a career now without those parody songs.

Fuck you, Al.

Now, Al is just an honorable mention because even though he is definitely a hypocrite, he didn’t outright support the lies about Michael. To be honest, I just included him because I’ve wanted to bitchslap him since June.

On to the actual list!

5. John Legend

“I don’t see any reason not to believe them honestly, I don’t see any reason not to. I mean, it was disgusting.”

Those were John Not-a-Legend’s words when talking about Leaving Neverland during a radio interview in March, jumping on the bandwagon and virtue signalling to the masses.

But hang on, who is this backstage at the MTV Japan Video Music Awards in 2006, preparing to meet with Michael…?

“We had met a couple months ago, so we just caught up again. He gave me some good advice, you know?”

Those were his words after their meeting. Doesn’t seem like he was too disgusted by Michael then…

And hang on, who is this performing a tribute to Michael after he died, with Stevie Wonder?

He doesn’t seem too disgusted by Michael there, either.

Of course, John STEPHENS is another “love Michael when he’s fashionable, hate him when he’s not” type of hypocrite. Yes, he was perfectly happy to meet Michael and take advice from him, and pay tribute to him after he died, because those things made him look good at the time. But now, after that bullshit mockumentary, he’s happy to believe Michael was guilty because that makes him look good now.

And the media clearly agrees with that, which makes me hate him even more.

“How a good guy got it all”?? No, People.

Hypocrisy and being fake woke are not sexy. In fact, they’re pretty ugly. Sure, John may be somewhat physically attractive (if he’s your type, I guess), but that means nothing when his personality is fake af.

And let’s not forget this:

Mmm hmm. He did try to explain this photo away, and it was taken in 2016, before the New York Times exposé of Weinstein, but come on. John did say he worked with Harvey several times. There’s no way he didn’t know about Weinstein’s appalling behavior.

4. Chrissy Teigen

I’ve already addressed Chrissy the Idiot’s hypocrisy in another article, but fuck it, I’m going to get stuck into her again because I have a few more things to say.

In October, Chrissy Teigen tweeted this:

Oh, really? Chrissy is annoyed people are just automatically assuming she and her husband are pedophiles because their names were on Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs, is she? Gee.

But it was perfectly fine for her and her husband to just automatically assume Michael Jackson was a pedophile because a TV show said so, right?

Unsurprisingly, she didn’t get much sympathy from the #MJFam.

What did Chrissy do next? Did she admit she might have been wrong about Michael? Did she decide to take a look at the other side, since she now knows what it’s like to be falsely accused?


Instead, she tweeted this:

She called us lunatic conspiracy theorists. Classy.

She also tweeted this:

“Why do you believe ANYTHING?”

Is this bitch for real? Was the irony of that question seriously lost on her? Does she even think before she tweets, or at all?

Chrissy is one of the worst kinds of hypocrites. She now has an idea of what Michael went through with the false allegations made against him, but instead of developing empathy for him and his experience, her opinion of him remains exactly the same. We must feel sorry for her because she has to defend herself from false accusations every day, though. Yeah, we have to feel bad for her, but she wants to continue judging and condemning Michael Jackson. It’s not like he went through far worse than her every day of his life for over twenty fucking years! And anyone who defends him, and calls her out on her crap, is a conspiracy theorist.

Well, boo-fucking-hoo. You reap what you sow, bitch! Karma came for her and she didn’t like it one bit. Yet it did nothing to change her mind about an innocent man who’s dead and can’t defend himself.

3. Judd Apatow

Doesn’t he look like an old, lovable dog? Except he doesn’t deserve that comparison because he’s an asshole. No, Judd Apatow is more like the farts from an old, lovable dog: toxic and embarrassing.

Here are some examples of that toxicity.

Presenting here for your anger and frustration, Judd Apatow’s worst Twitter hits!

Let the HBO shilling commence!
“ClEaRlY TrUe StOrIeS!!!1!” You’re trying too hard, Judd.
They were not paid for the documentary!!! When you see it you will know instantly that their stories are true!!!! ???
Comparing MJ to a serial killer, nice. ?
Except he didn’t ask them for their phone numbers, genius, THEY STALKED HIM.
Except MJ never held dance competitions, for little kids or anyone else, you stupid fuck.
In his eagerness to get this tweet out, he didn’t even bother to spell check it, LOL.
Ah, a comparison to Weinstein and Epstein. We were all waiting for that. ?
Heinously heinous!!
“He PaId OfF HiS ViCtImS!!!1!” This is beyond old, Judd.

Yeah, that’s right, Plenty to say about Michael Jackson, completely ignoring all the facts about his innocence that people have presented to him, basing his opinion solely on four hours of lies, but not a peep about his BFF James Franco’s allegations.

Numerous people have called him out on this, too, including Taj Jackson.

But so far, our pal Judd hasn’t had the balls to respond to any of them.

Judd is a hypocrite twice over. First, he’s condemning Michael every chance he gets, yet is completely silent about his white friend’s alleged predatory behavior. Second, he says people make a lot of money off Michael, yet he’s “clearly” being paid to support Leaving Neverland. We all know he is, he’s made it pretty obvious. It’s unlikely the time and energy he is dedicating to slandering Michael is being achieved without monetary reward. And the fact that both he and his daughter work for HBO tells me everything I need to know.

Is using Michael to cover for his friend and appease his HBO overlords really worth it for him? Or is he just enjoying it at this point? Either way, all I want Judd to do now is SHUT THE FUCK UP. I get it, okay? You hate Michael. Even though you were perfectly fine taking your entire family to see the MJ One show in Vegas.

2. Richard Marx

Ugh, this douchebag. Okay…

Right around Michael’s birthday last year, dear Richard tweeted this:

But when people told him he was wrong, and pointed out Michael was acquitted in a court of law, do you think he read their comments and made thoughtful replies, maybe asking for more details or apologizing for his misinformed opinion?


He brought up OJ and tabloid talking points.

He also brought up the idiotic “YoU’rE OnLy DeFeNdInG MJ BeCaUsE YoU LoVe HiS MuSiC!!!1!” insult.

He even jumped into someone else’s thread to get an insult in.

Right. He couldn’t give a shit what other people believe, yet there he was three months after he brought Michael up, inserting himself into threads to force his all-important “opinion” on everyone.

Anyway, after a certain “documentary” this year, he got right back into his dumbassery about Michael.

Wait. He won’t defend Elvis Presley, because he never knew him. But he will condemn Michael Jackson, even though he never knew him.

He name dropped one of his songs!! He couldn’t even argue with someone without self promotion!! I can’t!!!

Nice attempt at gaslighting, too. But given how much Michael loved his fans, the only person he’d be disgusted with right now is Richard.

Same bullshit, different days.

Which brings us to the following article, a gem of an article. It was written almost seven years ago, but as Richard has displayed on Twitter, and probably every other area of his life, nothing much has changed. He’s still a prick with a fragile ego.

It was published on Salon.com and titled, “Richard Marx Hates My Guts”.

Click the image to read the article. Please. Because it is the funniest shit you will read all day, I promise. But when you’re done, come back here, because I’m going to dive into it a little deeper.

The author of the article, Edward McClelland, thought he was special because Richard told him he was the first journalist he had met in person, but then he found out Richard had a history of bitching at any journalist who dared to criticize him. He also pointed out that darling Ricky has never gotten respect from critics despite his incredible success (which was pretty much over as quickly as it began twenty years ago, but I digress).

I hate to quote Oprah, I really do, but A-HA! Could that be the root of Richard’s fragility? He thought he was great, but when he started releasing his music, the critics thought it was crap and that made him sad? Aww.

Edward also pointed out that Richard was probably only picking fights with journalists to keep himself relevant.

*cough* Even though he was never relevant to begin with *cough*

Anyway, what I really want to focus on is a few parts of Richard’s email to Edward.

Let me repeat that last sentence:

“Opinion based on information you have no possibility of knowing is intentionally ignorant and shouldn’t be permitted to stand.”

So anyone who makes an uninformed opinion of Richard Marx is ignorant. But Richard’s uninformed opinions of Michael Jackson are A-OK!

And really nice comparing Edward to Hitler and Stalin. What was that meant to achieve? To insult the guy? Make him feel guilty? To prove he knows some history so Edward could see how smart he was?

I wonder if his opinion of her is as glowing now that they’re DIVORCED and he’s since remarried. Yeah, I’m just being petty here, but I

Hope Ricky boy’s got his sunglasses out.

Spewing vile, bitter shit on Twitter without fearing true retribution is EXACTLY WHAT HE’S BEEN DOING. But I guess it’s different since it’s HIS vile, bitter shit.

Perhaps deep down, underneath the thick layer of ego, and the slightly less thick layer of arrogance, he knows Michael was better than him in every conceivable way. So the only way he can feel superior is if he believes Michael was a disgusting pedophile and makes sure everyone knows it, but on Twitter, so no one can confront him in person about it. Pretty cowardly if you ask me.

Self respect? I think self importance is probably more accurate.

All of this boils down to one obvious word:

Richard has no problem making asinine judgements on Twitter about a man he never even met and couldn’t possibly know anything about, but when someone criticizes him, even just a little bit, he completely loses his shit and goes after that person in order to beat them down and repair his damaged ego.

“DoN’T JuDgE Me WhEn YoU KnOw NoThInG AbOuT Me!!!1!”

Well, I’m judging. Hey, I’m only affording him the same courtesy he’s showing Michael since THE MAN CAN’T DO IT HIMSELF. Not that he would if he were still here, though. Unlike Richard, he never judged anyone. EVER. That just wasn’t his style. Because he was a decent human being.

Richard Marx is an arrogant asshole. Which is a considerably worse thing to say about someone than calling them shameless. Does that mean Richard will stalk me on Twitter now, whining about how unfair I’m being? Perhaps I’m arrogant, too, for even considering the possibility that Richard Marx would give me a second thought, but given the history of Richard vs. Criticism, maybe I’m not far off.

So will he bitch about me on social media? Track down my email and send me an essay about how awesome he is and what a loser I am? Demand I meet him in public so he can confront me face to face? Well, since I don’t live in the same country as him, that might be a bit difficult. But hey, if he wants to jump on a plane for 24 hours and come to my home town to tell me how shitty I am, I can’t stop him. But he’ll be wasting his time. Just like he claims, but for real, I don’t give a fuck what he thinks.

What I do give a fuck about is how he slanders Michael Jackson on Twitter, without being even the slightest bit willing to look at the actual facts of the cases, no matter how many people ask him to because his opinion is right and that’s all there is to it, while his fragile ego can’t handle being called something as insignificant as “shameless” (it is 100% true, though).

So let me reiterate:

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The number one celebrity hypocrite is…

1. Ava DuVernay

Ooh boy, where to even start with this one. I guess the beginning is a good place.

Back in March, she tweeted this:

I responded:

I didn’t think those were too bad. Maybe not the nicest, but I wouldn’t say I was abusive or anything. But even so…

Except I didn’t know she blocked me until much later on because I didn’t bother paying her any more attention.

Then more recently, she tweeted this:

And the awesome @andjustice4some called her out.

I really wanted to call her a hypocrite myself, but I couldn’t since I found out she had blocked me. Then I remembered I had another Twitter account.

And gee, what a shock…

She blocked both of us, actually. Eh, it was worth it.

I was fully prepared to go back to ignoring her, but then this happened:

How was that harassment exactly? It was a legitimate question and one I think she owed it to us to answer. But no, she had to pull the harassment card.

Taj then responded:

And Ava responded to him:

That is a FLAT OUT LIE! Taj did NO SUCH THING! He would NEVER do something like that because he has more class, dignity and integrity in his left eyebrow than Ava has in her entire fucking being. By lying about him like that, she only exposed herself as the pathetic fake bitch she truly is.

And “agree to disagree”?! Hell no! She doesn’t get to disagree with Taj when HE is the one who knew Michael and SHE sure as fuck didn’t! How fucking patronizing is that??

Of course, Taj’s replies were polite and kind. He was so much nicer to her than she deserved.

MJ fans, however, made it clear what they thought.

And once again… she played the victim.

Ava is the kind of hypocrite who can’t handle having her opinion challenged. Whenever someone disagrees with her, or asks her why she believes what she does, she insists they are ATTACKING HER and immediately goes into victim mode. She lies about people, blocks them without even considering what they’ve said and claims harassment.

Like Julia Berkowitz said in her tweet, Ava is just using harassment as an excuse not to look at the other side. She believes Michael was guilty and she won’t be “bullied” into changing her mind.

She’s perfectly happy to give white men the benefit of the doubt, though.

Sure, that tweet’s over seven years old now (or it was over seven years old, she deleted it), but since Weinstein is still one of her lord and master Oprah’s BFFs, I’m sure she’s “still a fan”.

And let’s not forget her “advocacy” for the falsely accused.

Yeah, see, this is just fake af. She makes a documentary about five men who were prosecuted and convicted for a horrible crime it turned out they didn’t commit, but when it’s pointed out to her that the man she is condemning as guilty of horrible crimes was also falsely accused, she doesn’t want to know. Instead she pulls out her victim card and starts shouting “HARASSMENT!!” as loud as she can.

This way, she gets to avoid having to take any kind of responsibility for what she says.

She believes Michael was guilty, then gets mad when people tell her he wasn’t?


She gets asked legitimate questions she doesn’t want to answer?


She lies about Taj and gets called out for it?


No, Ava, you are not a victim. You are not an activist. You are not honest.

I hope you enjoyed MJJForum’s take down of our Top 5 Celebrity Hypocrites! It could have been a top ten, to be honest, but this article is long enough. Who knows, maybe we’ll do a Part 2 some day.

One last time…

Sources: Twitter/Salon.com