Michael Jackson’s Children May Sue Safechuck and Robson

According to Page Six, Michael’s three children Prince, Paris and Prince Michael are gearing up to sue Wade Robson and James Safechuck after making explosive allegations in an HBO documentary called, “Leaving Neverland.”

According to sources close to the Jackson family, the children will sue for emotional distress, fraud, slander, and misrepresentation.

Robson and Safechuck are alleging in the documentary that the late Michael Jackson sexually molested them as children. These claims have been widely debunked, and have been thrown out of civil court repeatedly. Both Safechuck and Robson have said previously that Michael Jackson never sexually abused them.

According to Page Six, the late icon’s Children are not seeking monetary compensation. Any monies awarded to them will be given to charities. Instead, they want an apology and admission of truth from Safechuck and Robson. The siblings want both Safechuck and Robson to “accept responsibility.”

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Source: Page Six