Leave Paris Jackson Alone!

Why is the media bullying Paris Jackson? Is it because she’s perceived to be fragile and vulnerable? Do they think that if she’s pressured enough, she will crack? Maybe the media wants that tell-all interview, where Paris will tearfully admit that her father was a monster?

Is that what y’all want? To break Michael’s daughter into a million pieces?

Fuck you!

You have no right to bully this young woman so you can create your own nefarious, bullshit narrative, since the narrative created by the mockumentary is falling apart. It’s as if the media is trying to punish her for being vocal and supportive of her her father and his legacy. How dare you!?!

Initially reported by tabloid website TMZ, then picked up by People.com and supposedly confirmed by Tony Im, spokesman for the LAPD, Paris might have had a dark moment and tried to harm herself. Paris has emphatically denied this, both on Twitter and Instagram:

TMZ and blogger Perez Hilton are gleefully writing about it. Perez even declared that Paris did this because she knew her father was “guilty.” WHY!!!!!??? This is EVIL! Why are you doing this? What are you achieving? What is the goal? She’s still under 21 for GOD’S SAKE! Why would you be so reckless as to hurt her like this? If you had any decency you would leave her ALONE.

Michael’s children had to witness the murder of their father. They’ve been through hell and back, and now they’re fighting for their father’s reputation and legacy because of a FALSE allegation and mockumentary that’s been co-signed by all media and the Me Too Movement. Now the media is targeting what they perceive to be the weakest link.

Not on our watch!

Michael’s fans have already shown the wherewithal and the means to confront injustice. It would be no problem for this fan base to expose the media bias and bullying against this young woman. Be decent and LEAVE PARIS ALONE.

Oh hey, Tarana Burke and Rose McGowan? Are you two going to stand up and protect this young woman from media harassment? Where are you, Gayle King? What about you, Oprah Winfrey? I’m sure that you wouldn’t stand for the harassment of this young woman? #MeToo or is it #MeTooExceptHer?


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