Karma Party!

Karma’s been getting some work done lately!

First of all, Oprah’s spectacular fall. Let’s relive it, shall we?

Like all good embarrassing moments, Oprah’s splat on her ass has become a meme. Here’s a selection of some of our favorites.

We here at MJJForum sincerely hope that Oprah isn’t too badly injured by her fall. Not because we’re concerned for her well being, but because we want her healthy for when karma REALLY hits her. Because this has to be just a warm up.

Next up, Kew Media, the company that distributed Leaving Neverland all over the world.

That’s right, Kew has crashed and burned! Not too long ago they were boasting about all the awards they had bought received for their fictional documentary and now they’ve gone into receivership and everyone has quit.

Take it away, Michael.

And lastly, Harvey Weinstein. As we all know, Oprah’s BFF was found GUILTY!

Yeah, the man who used salacious stories about Michael to deflect attention away from his own appalling behavior was just convicted of rape in the third degree and a criminal sexual act.

Guess he won’t be needing that walker anymore. Maybe Oprah can borrow it.

To everyone else who has been involved in trying to destroy Michael Jackson’s name and legacy: Your time is coming. Karma will get you. She’s on a roll now. And we’re here for it.