Karma Party 2: Justice Boogaloo

By Jamie Bergen

Karma definitely got her groove on in 2020. From Oprah’s spectacular fall on her ass…

Let’s watch it again! And again!

…to Kew Media going belly up, she’s been putting in the work to make those out to destroy Michael pay. But, like I predicted in the first Karma Party, she was only just getting started. She gut punched a few more of the hypocrites who jumped on the Lying Neverland train, including those directly involved, and I’m totally here for it.

Here are a few of my favorites, which I missed during MJJForum’s hiatus.

Let’s get this Karma party started!

Hadley Freeman’s Weekends Are Now Free

Back in July last year, The Guardian announced they were making cutbacks due to the economic effects of the coronavirus.

The Saturday edition was hit worst of all, with most of its print sections closed. And guess who worked for the Saturday edition?

Is it bad that seeing her “heartbroken” makes my heart grow three sizes?

Probably, but I don’t care! I always love it when Karma hits someone who truly deserves it right where it hurts.

Aw, you lost your dream job, bub? Well, boo-fucking-hoo. Michael lost his LIFE and yet you happily joined in on an organized media effort to destroy his legacy, with zero concern for the loved ones he left behind. Christ, you bragged about upsetting them!

You got what you deserved, you fucking hack.

Now, Hadley has since deleted her tweet and I can’t find any more recent information about the Guardian’s job cuts, so I don’t even know if they’re still going ahead with it. Maybe they found another way to cut some costs, which means Hadley would have gotten to keep her job after all. But if that’s the case, I’m still going to take it as a win for Karma, because at least the ass-kissing bitch got to suffer, even if it was just for a little while.

Ellen DeGeneres Is Mean (And Her Producer’s a Creep)

We all remember this:

We canceled her immediately, but wondered why the hell she did that. I thought maybe Oprah or HBO made a donation to her Ellen Fund or something, but then the reason eventually became apparent.

Of course! She sold out to HBO. Who cares about a dead innocent man who can’t defend himself when there’s money to be made, right?

Anyway, all of that was 2019. But in March, 2020, this happened:

More and more stories about her toxic workplace from former employees started coming out and the news coverage of it all prompted Warner Bros. to start an investigation into the conduct on her set.

She apologized, but it didn’t really get her anywhere.

I’ve always kind of suspected Ellen isn’t as nice as she’s made herself out to be, particularly by the way she scares people. She thinks it’s hilarious, but it’s not. It’s just mean spirited.

But I guess she wasn’t expecting Karma to jump up and scare the shit out of her.

What’s so nice about this instance of Karma is that it hit Ellen in such a way that it exposed just how two faced she really is. It would’ve been one thing if her Karma had come in the form of, I don’t know, Portia leaving her or something, but to get her in exactly the way she deserves is simply beautiful.

As for her producer, Ed Glavin, after she tweeted about Lying Neverland, he tweeted this:

Oh, really, Ed? What is it they say about stones and glass houses?

How’s that for “heartbreaking truth”, asshole? Projecting your creepiness onto Michael didn’t end up working out for ya. How sad.

Oh, and Ellen fired him, too, so, you know… cool.

No Fidelity

So yeah, High Fidelity was canceled after just one season, which was pretty nice after this:

Zoe and the writers of the show, two white women, really thought they did something with their little scene about Michael.

I mean, “reopen the debate on Michael Jackson”?? Bullshit! All they really did was contribute to the already ongoing public lynching of an innocent black man. They can fuck all the way off with that bollocks.

Which they did, because the show got canceled. Thanks for nipping that one in the bud, Karma!

Sums it up.

Sia’s the Worst

She really is. If she’s not supporting those two lying motherfuckers…

…she’s leeching off Paris’s EP release to get attention for her own new album.

But this year, she revealed her true talent: sticking her entire foot in her mouth. First, by getting Nicki Minaj and Cardi B confused.

Like… how? The tweet she replied to (which has been deleted) clearly asked if she would collaborate with Nicki. But she responded with Cardi B.

She tried to turn it around on everyone else, including Nicki and Cardi, by whitesplaining systemic racism, but yeah, nah. No one wanted or needed that.

She received a shitstorm of backlash, but that’s only part one of her Karma. Next, she tweeted about her new project.

People, specifically people with autism, had problems with this. Namely, that she cast actress Maddie Ziegler as an autistic character. Maddie Ziegler is not autistic. These people let Sia know they were unhappy with her choice. This made Sia sad. ?

It also exposed what an asshole she is.


(Quick note: She’s since deleted all these tweets, but screenshots are forever, bitch!)

But she didn’t stop there! She also called the character a “low functioning gal”, which went about as well for her as you might expect.

Yeah, so the backlash she received from this project is part two of her Karma.

I like it!

Honestly, this couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. The best part is, she totally brought it on herself. Not only did she out herself as a racist (NICKI MINAJ AND CARDI B ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE, SIA), but an ableist as well, with zero understanding of people with autism.

Yeah, fuck Sia. If backlash is her Karma, and it certainly seems to be, I love you. Keep going.

Dan gReed Loses Royalties, But Gains a Subpoena

Kew Media crashing and burning ended up having quite a lovely side effect: our old pal Danny Boy gReed lost his royalties.

OMG, that’s hilarious! But it gets even funnier!

The Estate subpoenaed him!!!

Uh, hang on a sec…



He’s fighting it, of course.

This is beautiful. He lost money from Kew, and he’s going to lose money, and time, fighting this subpoena. But if he fails and is compelled to turn over everything related to Lying Neverland and Lying Neverland: Part Deux, we may finally find out who’s behind it, who wrote the script, how much Wade and James were paid to participate in it, etc.

If all of that is revealed, the whole thing could very well fall apart, and Dan could end up losing his precious reputation as a “critically acclaimed documentary filmmaker”, which will be the sweetest Karma of all.

Maybe that’s too much to hope for, but damn, it’s an amazing possibility.

Get him, Estate!

Bye, Safechuckles!

And lastly, my favorite one of all.

He not only lost, but he has to pay the Estate’s legal fees, AGAIN! We knew this was going to happen, but still. We love to see it! I hope Danny Boy caught that on camera.

Finaldi did say they were going to appeal and finally win, which is just…

Safechuck having Finaldi as his “lawyer” is Karma in and of itself really. I mean, did this guy go to the same law school as Rudy Guiliani? Inept doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Harassing people who want nothing to do with the case, getting hit with monetary sanctions, being unable to produce any actual proof of Safechuck’s claims he was employed by Michael’s companies, bringing in witnesses who end up helping the defense… ?

The best part of all this, though, is when Jimmy loses his final appeal and he’s all out of options, he’ll owe the Estate EVEN MORE money. And since he received no money for his part in the Leaving Neverland saga (?), however is he going to pay? He’ll owe Manly, Stewart & Finaldi a shit ton of money, too, I imagine. I highly doubt they’re representing him pro bono, since they were all counting on their extortion scheme against the Estate to actually work out in their favor (like a bunch of fucking idiots).

Even more Karma!

Thanks for attending my Karma Party. I hope you enjoyed it. I also hope there are more to come. 2021 is here, Karma. Making those trying to destroy Michael pay better be one of your plans for this year. We need something to enjoy if 2021 is going to suck as much as 2020 (and by the looks of it already, it’s definitely going to). Get on it!