June 13th, 2005

By Jamie Bergen

16 years ago today, Michael Jackson was fully acquitted of all 14 counts he was charged with.

We all remember this day. It is forever burned in our memories. We also remember the disgusting media treatment Michael suffered on top of having to fight for his freedom.

This treatment continues today. Because of course it does. The media is still bitter they failed to take him down. They wanted him found guilty SO BADLY, they aired infuriating reports like the following before a verdict even close to being reached.

We will never forget, or forgive, how Michael was treated by the media during the trial. Yes, he was acquitted, but the damage was done, both publicly and personally. He never fully recovered from his horrible ordeal, and just four years later, he was gone forever.

Michael’s acquittal is a bittersweet moment. While it was definitely something to celebrate, it was the culmination of a trial that never should have happened in the first place. A dishonest journalist, a family of con artists, a district attorney with a decade-long personal vendetta and a racist mainstream media all came together to destroy Michael Jackson’s life and reputation.

To commemorate this moment, Michael’s fans are attempting to trend the hashtag #MichaelJacksonInnocent on Twitter in order to spread the truth about the trial and false allegations.

Today, Michael’s complete vindication is the only thing that matters. We will celebrate his innocence the way we always do: by getting the truth out there as much as we possibly can.