Gutierrez Files: Puppeteering the Lies

By Rasheed (@rasheedKOPV)


By now, many within the Michael Jackson fan community have heard about Victor Gutierrez, are familiar with his name, and know some details about his infamous book, “Michael Jackson Was My Lover.” This is a deep look into who Victor M. Gutierrez Prieto really is and how he manipulates his way into various positions by lying and using disingenuous tactics as a way “in.”

There are many myths around Gutierrez’s life, multiple versions of how he came to the United States, his inner workings through his dealings with various entities, and so on. He claims to have moved to the United States in July of 1984 to photograph the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, CA. After arriving he decided not to return to his home in Santiago, Chile.

Through this piece of writing, we will dissect the vague stories, address rumors, and dive into this issue in a way that has never been done before.

Setting the Stage

Myth has it that sixteen months after “arriving” to the United States, Gutierrez attended NAMBLA’s 10th International Membership Conference in November 1986.

NAMBLA, or the North American Man-Boy Love Association, is a pro-pedophilic organization founded by David Thorstad and Tom Reeves on December 2, 1978, at The Community Church in Boston, MA. The organization attempts to use the first amendment by working towards abolishing age of consent laws and assists felons convicted for pedophilia.

The upper and lowercase in the logo represents the relationship between MAN and boy.
Picture from the 1986 Membership Conference that Victor Gutierrez attended

When questioned about attending the NAMBLA meeting, Gutierrez ridiculously claimed that he did so as an undercover agent for the LAPD. The LAPD has publicly stated they have no ties with Gutiérrez.

The fact he would claim to be a part of the LAPD to disguise his ties with NAMBLA shows the intent, willingness, and the means to go to far lengths to deceit.

Diving In

The first public record of Victor Gutierrez in the United States actually begins between 1981-1982 in Arizona, where he joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly known as the LDS or Mormon Church). In 1984, he fled the state, changed his Social Security Number, and moved to the Los Angeles County in California. It has not been confirmed if the move and SSN change had anything to do with his excommunication from the church.

There has been much discussion as to whether Victor Gutierrez was a NAMBLA member or if he was a “special invite” by a board member. The terms and conditions around membership and of attending a “Members Only” meeting has also been discussed. The narratives we have shared for years after this research have now changed.

Through recent dialogue with Bob Hamer, the former FBI agent that spent 3 years infiltrating NAMBLA, I have come to learn that the murder trial (followed by wrongful death suit against NAMBLA) of Jeffery Curley in the year 2000 changed the landscape of privacy and secrecy with NAMBLA operations.

Before the trial, NAMBLA meetings were fairly open with little screening of those who attended. In 1986, virtually anyone could attend. In fact, the San Francisco chapter of NAMBLA would have their meetings at a Portrero Hill public library.

We could theorize and give various hypotheses as to how Gutierrez found himself in the NAMBLA circle. There is more evidence that he was not an actual member. However, immersing himself in the West Hollywood area, nicknamed “boystown,” would give him access to individuals that call themselves boy lovers (“BL”).

NAMBLA would integrate into gay communicates, using the gay rights movement to benefit their own agenda.

The Pride parade of 1986 in West Hollywood became a significant event for NAMBLA. Individuals such as Jim Kepner and Harry Hay both advocated for NAMBLA in the Parade along with NAMBLA leaders.

Harry Hay in the JUne 28, 1986, 1986 parade. “NAMBLA WALKS WITH ME” Police threatened to arrest Hay if he did not remove the sign. He refused.

The 1986 NAMBLA conference in Los Angeles had a panel that consisted of Harry Hay, Dan Tsang, and Bob Rhodes.

In a 2005 the German newspaper, Die Tageszeitung (whose co-founder refused to oppose pedophilia), Gutierrez claims that in the 1986 conference, Michael Jackson was used as a high profile name that could be used for social acceptance. Gutierrez also shared his own hopes that, “In a hundred years maybe such relationships will be socially accepted.”

No piece of information actually links Michael Jackson’s name to the 1986 meeting aside from Victor’s claims; however, you may find the picture below interesting.

In this 1991 NAMBLA Bulletin, they tie Jackson to Culkin prior to any formal allegation in the feature “Boys in the Media,” a regular article written – highlighting a child star that wins the adoration of “boy lovers.”

At the 1986 NAMBLA conference, Harry Hay, founder of Radical Faeries organization, which “seeks to redefine queer consciousness,” told onlookers that “the Radical Faeries are ahead of you.” The Radical Faeries had their first “Spiritual Conference” in Arizona, the same state Gutierrez fled.

While no full claim could be made that Gutierrez learned about pedophilic groups while in Arizona, he thus went to California where he circulated members of the organizations.

It is worth noting that a common complaint that NAMBLA members had (and may still have) in various Chapters was that the Los Angeles section has a chapter designed to draw members in from Arizona – thus they are much more “successful” than other parts of the nation.

1986 Infiltrates 1993

On December 27, 1993, a male “witness” (believed to be Victor Gutierrez) who “has been writing a book” about Jackson concerning sexual molestation, called the LAPD claiming that the FBI investigated Jackson between 1985-1986 for molesting two Mexican boys. The “witness” claimed that it was covered up by a Hispanic FBI agent because Jackson was set to receive an honor from the president at the White House.

There was no “White House honor” that Jackson was set to receive in 1993/94.

The “witness” stated that he was providing information to the LAPD in case the FBI inquired for information, in hopes the FBI would reach out to him.

FBI files regarding the “witness” calling the LAPD with the claim.

The phone call took place 4 months after the Chandler allegations went public.

Examine Events

August 22, 1993

A journalist who worked out of his home received a phone call from an unnamed source who let him know that Michael Jackson’s homes were being raided and he was being investigated for child molestation.

August 23, 1993

That journalist reported the news about the raid to KNBC, who reported that a criminal investigation had been opened. The journalist kept the reason for the investigation private.

That same day, a “reliable source” called Hard Copy producer Steve Doran asking to meet at an Italian restaurant where he would provide documents “shedding light” on the story. The three met at an Italian restaurant near the beach in Santa Monica, CA.

The “reliable source” claimed to have received the various documents presented by a “friend” working for the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). Diane Dimond admitted to having gone outside with Gutierrez where he called another individual on a payphone. She spoke briefly to another unnamed individual. Afterwards, Gutierrez had a whispering conversation with the individual on the phone.

August 25, 1993

Dimond reported about the raids of Jackson’s homes with information from a “reliable source” that illegally leaked a copy of the abuse report to the tabloid show Hard Copy. Only two days passed between the allegations going public and the abuse report leaking from the “reliable source.”

August 27, 1993

Anderson Herald Bulletin reports stated that the accuser claimed Jackson said their relationship was “in the cosmos” and “meant to be.”

September 1, 1993

The first claim of Jackson in a videotape “with two boys” was reported to UK’s Daily Express, headlined the following day’s issue [below].

November 22, 1993

Five terminated former employees, known as “The Neverland Five,” filed a civil lawsuit against Jackson for wrongful termination because they “knew” about his relationship with young boys. This “reliable source” was in contact with these individuals and assisted with the story, once again announced on Hard Copy with Dimond.

December 10 – 17th, 1993

El Tiempo, Chilean press, reported that Jackson sexually abused two Chilean boys. The source of this information was never shared.

December 15, 1993

Blanca Francia appeared on the show Hard Copy thanks to a “reliable source.”

December 27, 1993

The “reliable source” called the LAPD about Jackson abusing two Mexican boys.

January 9, 1995

Dimond, in an attempt to cash in her newly-found fame, appeared on The Ken and Barkley radio show. She alleged that a recent 27-minute, X-rated tape showing sexual behavior between Jackson and a young boy had surfaced. Dimond elaborated on the details of the tape, later admitting she never saw it herself. After being pressured, the “reliable source” finally got a name on the television show Hard Copy: Victor Gutierrez.

The alleged tape was never produced, and the only person who had ever claimed to have seen such a tape was Gutierrez. He claimed the boy being molested on the tape was Jermaine Jackson’s son, Jeremy Jackson. Jeremy’s mother vehemently denied the allegations.

Jackson sued Dimond and Gutierrez. While Dimond was not forced to pay any penalties, Gutierrez was ordered to pay Jackson $2.7 million in damages.

Notice Case No. 119887, “The Videotape Case,” which names Dimond and Gutierrez as defendants. Tom Sneddon filed the declaration even though the case was out of his jurisdiction. It is also worth noting that Sneddon, who kept the 1993 investigation open for 10 years, did not add this supposed tape in the evidence list against Jackson.

Tom Sneddon’s Declaration info
Sneddon speaking on how he’s ‘acquainted’ with Dimond.

Jack Gonterman, an investigator for LA county, interviewed Gutierrez regarding the videotape on January 5, 1995. Gonterman stated, “I interviewed Victor Gutierrez regarding his knowledge, if any, of the alleged videotape. Shortly thereafter, I discontinued any further effort in the matter.”

The story was unfounded, never to be entered in a proceeding case relating to an accuser [Details in section ‘Non-Existent Videotape’].

Temporary Disguise

April 27, 1995

While the case was pending, Dimond briefly changed her stance in defense of Jackson.

Due to the court case, Dimond was pressured to prove she did not have “malice” towards Jackson, so Dimond sought out to prove that a new alleged victim was lying. She flew to Canada for a story about an underprivileged boy claiming that Jackson had molested him. The boy gave names to the people in Jackson’s entourage, the layout of the ranch, and the Jacksons’ family home in Encino, CA. He even drew maps of both homes.


While in questioning, the child confessed to Detective Campbell that the allegation was an elaborate scam. He had been coached by Rodney Allen, who had sent multiple letters to Hard Copy under the alias “John Templeton” about “victims,” and was the “middle man” between the boy and Hard Copy.

Allen was eventually brought to Canadian authorities and admitted that he coached the boy in identifying Michael’s employees and the various descriptions of Jackson’s properties. Allen also admitted that he never visited the locations or met any of the individuals mentioned.

After this event, Detective Campbell stated that Dimond put him under the impression that Allen, or “John Templeton,” had indeed been to Jackson’s properties.

All names in the boys’ drawings mention only those who had ties to Gutierrez. “Raulph”… Ralph!

Rodney Allen

Now how did Allen (who never associated with Jackson) have such highly descriptive information on Jackson’s life, entourage, and homes? Again (according to Allen), his source was Gutierrez.

Semi recent picture of Allen

Allen turns 63 this year (September 2019). He is serving life in prison for pedophilia; he was caught in 1999 inviting under privileged boys to his home and supplying alcohol and cigarettes for reasons of sex abuse. Allen plead guilty to two sexual assaults, threatening to burn the property of the father of one of the boys, carrying a pellet gun for a dangerous purpose, and indecent assault and gross indecency on two other boys. The first four mentioned offenses took place in the summer of 1999; the other two offenses took place in 1983.

Letters between Allen and the talented author of “Turning the Table On the Chandler Allegations” revealed the following information:

  • Allen accompanied Gutierrez to a 1995 book exhibition in Chicago for his book. Gutierrez faxed him a letter asking him to, “send a hard copy to NAMBLA requesting that they list the book Michael Jackson Was My Lover in their books.”
  • He also shared that he trusted Gutierrez, believed that Gutierrez could stand behind the details in his book, and was promised to receive proceeds of a video tape of Michael Jackson “abusing Jordan Chandler in Morocco.” He states that he planned to buy some necessities for “lost and forgotten children” in Chile and Brazil.
  • He flew from Los Angeles to Santiago, Chile with Gutierrez and slept on the couch in the Hilton hotel room Victor paid for. Once he arrived in Chile, he saw that Gutierrez was using him as a pawn to impress his family.
  • Gutierrez used him and left him as a target for Jackson’s lawyers, who believed he belonged to NAMBLA based off of a letter Gutierrez wrote tying Allen’s name to the “negatives” to the book.


According to Allen’s statements, it’s apparent that Gutierrez took advantage of Allen’s learning disabilities and used him as “the front.” This seems very plausible considering that, in every story Dimond defended, Gutierrez was the source. The one time they are taken to court and in need of showing objective reporting without malice, Allen is “the source.”

During Jackson’s 2005 trial, the defense asked the prosecution to provide all the documents tied to the 1993 investigation. Item 8336 was a fax involving Allen tied to the Chandler allegations. The content of the fax was never released and District Attorney Tom Sneddon specifically kept all correlation to Allen out of the case.

Non-Existent Videotape

Through his attorney, Gutierrez threatened that if the case went to trial, there would be unfavorable publicity towards Jackson. Gutierrez instructed his attorney to give Jackson a “message” that Gutierrez would hold up a copy of his book every time he was interviewed on television in connection with this case.
In court, Jackson motioned to compel responses to 29 interrogatory requests from Gutierrez, including location of the tape, sources of all claimed information Gutierrez had made, all documents relating to each person he spoke to in relation to allegations, and everything he told Dimond.

He never provided the material he was supposed to show in court.

Gutierrez fled the country on January 9th, 1997, claiming he did not have the financial means to buy a ticket back to the United States, and filed bankruptcy within days of the date that the trial was to begin.

Gutierrez filed bankruptcy, but he claimed in court that he was moving back, and bragged about his “21 bedroom” home. The lies are all over the place.

Currently the 2.7 million dollars that was owed to Jackson has been “forgiven” due to his passing.

Throughout the years, several journalists have made television specials, documentaries, and books about Michael Jackson stories, using Gutierrez as their primary source of information.

Former bodyguard Ralph Chocon testified in 2005 that he, along with other ex-employees of Jackson, have spoken with Gutiérrez. Adrian McManus testified that Gutierrez helped their lawsuits against Michael Jackson.

Gutierrez does not have any legal credentials to be helping anyone in a lawsuit.

Mention-worthy notes

A common thread you will see with Gutierrez is that he ties himself to stories that include Hispanic individuals. The “Mexican boys” story (that originally was two Chilean boys) and the “Hispanic” FBI agent that “covered it up” helped him built up rapport and trust from the various individuals he circulated himself with (Ralph Chocon, Adrian McManus, Blanca Francia). He even used it to claim that he was not taken seriously by the LAPD because he was “just a Latino reporter…”

Gutierrez generally was the one to approach the various individuals that ended up making claims against Jackson prior to claims that were made. He came to them with “evidence” of sexual behavior between Jackson and minors, which was even his “opening” conversation with Joy Robson.

None of the accusers that were mentioned in his book went to the authorities prior to engaging in calculated conversations with Gutierrez, not even the Chandlers. Gutierrez’s book claimed to be based on “Jordan Chandler’s secret diary.” The Chandlers were the first accusers, yet Gutierrez started writing about sexual abuse prior.

What qualifications would Gutierrez have to help the various former employees and “victims” of Jackson in court proceedings? He’s the man who claims he came to the United States as a “photographer” with no legal credentials.

Every lawsuit that has been tied with Gutierrez has been lost in court, resulting in financial damages. All of them have fallen short of payment, including the case involving the “Neverland Five.”

Note that the Chandlers submitted declarations for the “Neverland Five” case, stating that they knew nothing regarding Abdool, McManus, or Bagnall (three key individuals that spoke publicly about events associated with the Chandlers). The only admission was of Jordan exchanging “pleasantries” with McManus. Interestingly, they made no comment about Gutierrez.

Gutierrez repeats the narrative of Jackson in water with boys (specifically that Jackson took showers with Jordan), a claim Jordan never made. Gutierrez and McManus have strong ties, and McManus claimed she found underwear in the Jacuzzi. (Not one accuser claimed that there were any sexual acts in a Jacuzzi.)

In December 2004, ABC reached out to Gutierrez to “advise” Martin Bashir on the work he was doing on the channel.

The Book

While there is not a definitive date as to when Gutierrez started writing the book, he was already claiming to be writing a book on Jackson by 1993. The reported release date of the book will vary based on the source online. This is because it was copyrighted in 1995, first released in Spanish in January, 1996, then released in English in March 1996. After experiencing difficulty getting the book published in various countries, Gutierrez created multiple editions to draw interest and as a way to resubmit his book to publishers as a “new” product. The 2nd edition was released January 1997. It never made a U.S. release. That same year, Gutierrez lost a multi-million-dollar slander lawsuit concerning his fictitious book.

Within the book, Gutierrez makes many salacious claims, all of which have gone unproven and/or been proven false.

Gutierrez has admittedly been the initiator of relationships with individuals in (or near) Jackson’s circle since somewhere between December, 1991 and January, 1992. When approaching individuals, he would claim to be investigating and writing about Jackson’s sexual conduct with young boys, claims of which (at the time) had never been made public.

Gutierrez approached the Robsons in June, 1992 at Venice Beach, California. Gutierrez said he was looking for the Robsons “for more than five months…” This would put his interest in Wade Robson somewhere around January 1992, a year before Jackson and the Chandler family associated with each other.

Considering all that is known, it is clear that Gutierrez and Evan Chandler clearly were conspiring together. There has been debate surrounding the reason the relationship soured; many believe it was once Gutierrez’s stories became increasingly elaborate, straying from the Chandlers’ testimonies, with the narrative of pedophilia as a loving thing.

Within his book, Victor glorifies pedophilic behavior by aligning it with “love” and makes a specific distinction between “wrong in the eyes of society” vs. “healthy and normal.”

He also includes an entire section titled “Unconditioned Love,” which is described as “Jackson’s philosophy,” but is the primary mantra that pedophile groups stand behind. The duality between a “moralistic society,” those who follow what is taught, versus an “enlightened society,” those who are “in touch” and unafraid to live for the needs of “natural human behavior.”

They say that it is social conditioning that teaches us to think love between an adult with a minor is wrong, sharing stories of adult and minor relationships in ancient Greek text, and using individuals like Oscar Wilde as an example of high intelligence relating to the acceptance of pedophilia.

In 2005, in “Michael Jackson: What Really Happened,” Victor Gutierrez admits that he read the court transcripts of Oscar Wilde’s case, which heavily surrounded his relationship with a younger man.

To clarify, in no way does this endorse homophobic mindset or behavior. Oscar Wilde is well respected by many for standing for same sex relationships in a time that it was not accepted. This in itself does not endorse pedophilia. NAMBLA is known to use literature that is used by the LGBTQ+ community for their personal agenda.

Pedophilia propaganda in the book

Throughout the book, we see examples of conditioning the reader to see pedophilia as “natural.”

Right from the opening of his book, the first words after the introduction, this follows:

He could not help but to start the book off by speaking fondly of Jordan Chandler’s appearance and setting the stage by normalizing a child’s “attraction” to an adult male.

Gutierrez attempts to normalize pedophilia in his book go as follows:

  • Evan Chandler not filing a report sooner because he was “open minded.”

  • Claims that Jordan initiated the sexual activity and was reassured by the doctor that it’s not homosexual behavior:

  • Gutierrez claims a moment where Evan asked Jackson, “Are you fucking Jordie?” The resulting correspondence supposedly went as follows:

1. You can clearly see the attempt to normalize child sex abuse by claiming Evan would be more worried about Jackson not wanting his son. 2. Recall the Anderson Herald Bulletin report that detailed the relationship was said to be “in the cosmos” and “meant to be.” This is also the first mention of a threat to legally be in trouble if he told anyone. Now ask yourself, where did this information come from?

  • Note Gutierrez claimed comment by Evan [below] while considering that he “confronted” Jackson about having sex with his son.

  • Gutierrez presented a drawing supposedly by Jordan regarding suicide, not as a reactive expression of what happened between him and Jackson, but of his feelings of betrayal by his father telling his secret. The presentation of the drawing in this way attempts to minimize the effects of abuse.

  • Expressing that society was not ready for their “relationship:”

  • Jordan complaining about not seeing Jackson fully nude while showering:

  • Narrative that Jordan advocated and defended a sexual relationship three years after the allegations and one year after the book was finalized for release:

Take note of the fact that he turned 16 in 1996, and the book was submitted for publishing prior to that. This quote (if true) would have been made after the book was written, so it is not clear how different the first and second editions differ.

The narrative that Michael Jackson and young boys had a fulfilling relationship started with this book and continues to weave through allegations that are presented by Wade Robson, James Safechuck, and Dan Reed.

A few pieces of pedophilia propaganda in and relating to Leaving Neverland:

  • Both express jealousy of other children being able to do the sexual acts that they used to.
  • James stated that when Michael “introduced” him to masturbation and the only “unpleasant” memory was not being able to pee.
  • Wade Robson, about sexual experiences: “I never felt scared or anything like that. It just didn’t seem that strange.”
  • In 2015, Dan Reed, in a post interview for his film “The Paedophile Hunter” at the Craft Awards, stated that he wanted “to pull people from thinking he’s (individual who sought to catch pedophiles) the problem and thinking ‘no, he’s the solution’, and I wanted people to be left at the end of it not really knowing which way to jump. Because I think it’s a, there’s a real grey area there with the law, with our understanding of what pedophilia is now.” This is the same narrative that is used in Gutierrez’s book, along with Leaving Neverland. A superstar saving these individuals from the harsh realities of life, into a magical world that includes a “love affair” between an adult and child. This narrative is exactly the strategy that NAMBLA uses to normalize pedophilia.

Gutierrez’s Claims Copied in Leaving Neverland

Note that while there have been a handful of accusers against Jackson, Gutierrez makes claims that were never made by an accuser – until James Safechuck and Wade Robson.

Pg. 21-22: Chandler was jealous of Brett Barnes’ relationship with Jackson. In Safechuck’s claim, he was jealous of Brett Barnes.

Pg. 37-38: Unnecessarily states that Jackson would place a bandage on his nose before bed. In Safechuck’s lawsuit, he states the same.

Pg. 40: Describes Jackson being jealous of a crush Jordan Chandler had on Princess Maria Theresia. Safechuck’s lawsuit claims Jackson got jealous over a crush he had on Sheryl Crow.

Pg. 50: Describes a story where Jackson took Macaulay Culkin into a room overlooking the theater with sexual intent. Safechuck claims that happened to him.

Pg. 56: “Honeymoon” in Monaco and Paris, where their first introduction to masturbation supposedly took place. Safechuck claimed a “Honeymoon” in Paris, when he was introduced to masturbation.

Pg. 57-58: Mentions Jackson watching films with “foreign themes” that feature minors participating in sexual acts. Safechuck’s lawsuit states that Jackson showed him “foreign films” in which minors were participating in sexual acts.

Pg. 63: Jackson spoke ill of school, trying to convince Evan to pull Jordan out of school. In Leaving Neverland, Safechuck paints a narrative that Jackson opposed school and tried convincing him that it was not needed.

Pg. 72: Jackson asks Jordan to twist his nipples and masturbate in front of him. In Leaving Neverland, Safechuck states that Jackson would have him rub his nipples and masturbate in front of him.

Pg. 77: Jordan was told if he told anyone about sexual acts that Jackson would go to jail and Jordan would go to a children’s home. Leaving Neverland claims he told accusers that if they spoke about the sexual acts, they would both go to jail.

Pg. 78: Spoke of Neverland staff being aware of “sexual relations” with young boys, which is also a narrative Safechuck builds from his second amended complaint and on forward.

Pg. 79: Makes claims of an event where Jackson “puts his finger” in the anus of Brett Barnes and Jordan Chandler. While noting that Safechuck also claims an event where Jackson did the same to him, keep in mind that Jordan Chandler specifically testified that anal contact never occurred.

Pg 84: Claimed that Jordan traveled to NYC in June, 1993 for the MTV Awards where they spent a “very nice night together.” The awards took place in Los Angeles, and Jackson did not attend, nor was he in NYC. James claimed to have traveled to NYC in February, 1989 for the Grammy Awards, where more sexual encounters “occurred.” Again, the awards took place in Los Angeles, and Jackson was not in NYC. The 1993 MTV Awards took place in September after Chandler allegations went public. Jackson was in Singapore with three of his nephews, Elizabeth Taylor and Larry Fortensky, who all flew to his side after the allegations hit the news.

Pg. 135: When Gutierrez met Joy and Wade Robson, Joy supposedly was wearing a medallion (given to Wade) with Jackson’s face. In the legal disputes, Safechuck, not Robson, claims to have been given a medallion of Jackson’s face.

Pg. 191: Along with other pages, claims that Jackson expressed hatred towards women and attempted to separate children from women. This is a similar narrative that is repeated in Leaving Neverland.

Illogical claims & narratives in the book

Gutierrez claims Dr. Abraham told Evan to “negotiate” with his son in regards to his relationship with Jackson.

A therapist telling a parent that is of the belief that a child is being molested to “negotiate” with the child is not only reckless, but borderline criminal.

Evan supposedly tried scaring Jordan to confess about a sexual relationship with Jackson by stating, “I know about the kisses, the masturbation, and oral sex.” If Evan had suspicion of sexual interaction between Jordan and Michael, how would he know the exact extent Jordan would later “claim?” This would be a huge assumption and precise guess by someone that (at the time) had no knowledge of a sexual relationship.

According to the book, on that highly spoken-about day that Jackson’s vehicle broke down and received aid from the “Rent a Wreck” owned by David Schwartz (Jordan’s stepfather), June Chandler offered Jackson their phone number.
The book also claims that Jackson contacted the family on numerous occasions before this event.

In the book, Robson’s father dropped Robson off at the recording studio, and the Robsons could not get a hold of or see Wade again until the next day.

In Leaving Neverland (and in the court proceedings), Wade’s mother, father, and sister met Jackson at the studio, watched a VHS of Wade dancing. Later the entire family stayed at Neverland Ranch.

Picture from that specific day

Gutierrez claims that in 1985, while walking through Westwood in Los Angeles with his father and step father, Dave Schwartz had a hat and boom box in hand, played MJ, and told Jordan to dance. People gathered and dropped money into the hat. A few months later, the secretary of MJJ Productions contacted his mother and asked her if her son would audition for a commercial they were producing. MJJ Productions was not established until 1991.

The book denies vitiligo. Jackson’s autopsy proves that he did have vitiligo.

The book claims that Evan Chandler created the idea of writing “Robin Hood: Men in Tights.” Work on this project started prior to any involvement by the Chandlers.

It has been confirmed that Jordan stated Jackson’s penis was circumcised, which his autopsy report confirms the opposite. Argument has been made by Jackson detractors that he may have seen Jackson’s ‘erect’ penis and it looked circumcised.

While sourcing the book, the argument is insufficient. Gutierrez claims a three-way sexual experience between Chandler, Barnes, and Jackson. Chandler supposedly explains how masturbating Barnes was different because he was uncircumcised. This would indicate he knew the difference between a circumcised and uncircumcised penis.

It is worth noting that many of Gutierrez’s claims (such as Jackson renting erotic films from “Video West,” the bar that Gutierrez requested Dimond to meet him at) took place in West Hollywood.

When questioned in a legal proceeding about the diary, Gutierrez could not provide the document or any correspondence regarding the material.

In “Michael Jackson Was My Lover,” Gutierrez makes several disproven claims even outside the realm of the Chandlers. One, for example, is his first encounter with the Robson family in Venice Beach. He claims to have seen Wade dancing and “begging for money to buy bread with,” which is completely contradicted by each Robson’s testimony as to what was going on in their life at the time.

Within the Authors notes, he declares his respect for the organization and his belief that pedophilia is not harmful to children, but misunderstood by society.

In May, 1999, the sheriff’s department confiscated all copies of the book, due to the lawsuit surrounding the book and its lack of proven substance.

Book visuals

Gutierrez showing his friendship with Blanca Francia
Gutierrez once again speaking of Jordan as “beautiful”
In the book, a “…life size statue…”; It is actually a 12-inch doll.
Shotgun supposedly in the 13-year-old boy’s room for “protection.” He was the only person in the house with a protective weapon.
Indicates that Jordan and Nikki switched beds.
States “the boy still sleeps in the same bed, and under the same covers, where his father said his son was molested.” This statement is contradictory and is another attempt to normalize pedophilia by having the narrative that Evan found nothing strange about his son using the same sheets in which he was “molested.”
Jackson written about in Spunk magazine. Note the imagery, the same picture used in advertisements for Leaving Neverland.
Jordan “imitated the singer years before meeting Michael Jackson.” Since when did Jackson play guitar?

After Jackson’s Passing

Since the judgement of the $2.7 million for the lawsuit against Gutierrez was owed to Jackson and not to his Estate, Gutierrez (along with others that have fallen short of payment for false allegations) is “forgiven” for the debts owed.

Through the 2000’s, Gutierrez would periodically come out of the shadows to ride publicity around Michael Jackson allegations. He made various claims, such as that he may be called into court in the 2005 trial, which was untrue, to ridiculously claiming he potentially may “soon” own Neverland Ranch.

Gutierrez was a consulting producer on a Dateline’s “Inside the Jackson Case.” Additionally, he was an “investigative journalist” on the 2007 show “Michael Jackson: What Really Happened,” directed by Jacques Peretti (who is making another Jackson show), and featuring Dimond and a special “thank you” to Fenton Bailey, co-founder of World of Wonder, a production company that specializes in documenting erotica and sex subculture.

It was only days after Jackson passed that Gutierrez showed up on television again, reporting from Los Angeles to Chilean television about “new revelations” surrounding Jackson’s death. Afterwards, he flew back to appear on Chilean television on August 28th, 2009 (the day before Jackson’s birthday), prior to his burial. Once again, he mocked Jackson with his personal friend and parody impersonator ‘Maikel Perez Jackson’.

The mockery included the nose falling off the impersonator, hair catching on fire, pokking fun at Jackson’s vitiligo, and an imitation that included a “Gavin Arvizo,” bald due to chemotherapy.


After years of illegitimate allegations, millions of dollars made from story selling and story telling, it is finally time to put the salacious stories to rest.

With the multiple court cases and evidentiary research, it is clear that the rumors that circulated around Jackson and young children are completely fabricated.

As various media outlets have become more interested in the piece of news that will sell the most over what is actual news, it is up to us to proactively spread factual information. You can see within these writings, journalism is first a business and many find the means to make money from the industry.

My goal in writing this is to collectively gather the information we have and use it as part of a “database,” once and for all ending the ridiculous parade that circulates like vultures over a carcass, picking at a man’s legacy that he worked so tirelessly and diligently for. A legacy built to unite people around the world with a message of hope. As a reminder that no matter what may come our way, there is always room for L.O.V.E.


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