Bye, Wade!

Despite the summary judgment hearing for Wade Robson’s case being rescheduled to April 26th, Judge Young’s tentative ruling has been released.

That’s right, Wade’s case has been DISMISSED!

Of course, as this ruling is tentative, the final ruling will come sometime after next Monday’s hearing and the judge could change his mind if he hears a compelling argument, but let’s be honest. When has Finaldi made a compelling argument? And how long has he been representing Wade? Five years?

Yeah, it’s over.

Further information about the dismissal can be found at Showbiz 411.

It’s probably a good idea to hold off on fully celebrating until the final ruling, but damn. This is amazing news. Not entirely unexpected, but awesome nonetheless.

There is at least one person who won’t be celebrating, though…

EDIT 4/26/2021

It’s official!

NOW we can celebrate! And Wade can get a fucking job like everyone else.