Bye, Jimmy!

By Jamie Bergen

In a stunning turn of events (lol), James Safechuck’s final appeal has been dismissed.

Finaldi didn’t even show up to file his brief! What the hell is even going on? I find it really hard to believe they just gave up. Con artists like Safechuck don’t just pack it in and go away. They do, however, change their plans when things aren’t going their way. Which leads me to wonder if this has something to do with Leaving Neverland 2: Frivious Lawsuit Boogaloo.

The last few times Finaldi has filed his motions or there’s been a hearing, Danny boy has been right there filming. And Finaldi certainly seemed to enjoy hamming it up for Dan’s camera. So why weren’t they there this time? Because they’re filming something else? Maybe they’ve come up with some scam to make the movie more dramatic?

Maybe this is just another stall tactic. Finaldi has been given two more weeks to finally file his brief after eleven months of stalling and extensions, so there’s a good chance he’ll just do it at the very last minute. That would certainly be dramatic.

Whatever’s going to happen, let’s just enjoy that Safechuck’s dumbass case has been dismissed, for the time being at least. And since it’s now October, let’s celebrate with Thriller!

UPDATE 14/10/2021

In another stunning turn of events (lol)…

So, not dismissed after all. But one day, it will be and then we can really celebrate! In the meantime, be sure to follow @MJJRepository on Twitter to stay up to date on all court related news (and Finaldi’s incompetence).