A Response to the Billboard Cover Story

Part 2: The Interview

Did I say the introduction of this article was embarrassing? I should’ve reserved that word for this interview/conversation/propaganda/whatever the fuck it is. Let’s call it an interview for the sake of simplicity.

It’s is so obviously scripted it’s not only embarrassing, it’s actually impossible to read without cringing. If I had any affinity to these guys whatsoever, I’d feel bad for them. But I don’t, so…

I’m going to do this part differently than Part 1. Rather of quoting bits and pieces, I’m going to include screenshots of each section of the interview. I just don’t feel like going through and choosing parts to focus on, I’d rather deal with each section as it’s presented. I did cut the photos out, though, because I’ve already addressed them and I don’t want to look at them again. Wade’s soulless eyes give me the creeps.

I’m also not going to drop as many facts here as I did in part one. I will provide the occasional receipt, but this part is going to me more about making fun of these three liars because they so deserve it. Not just for lying, but for actually speaking the following poorly written words out loud as well.

As my dear friend, the owner of MJJForum, told me: “DRAG THEM.”

Okay, I will.

An interview in which they lie about making a film in which they lie. Hmm. Interesting. I wonder what it feels like to lie so blatantly about things that never happened. I’ve never done that myself, so I wouldn’t know.

Once Robson, Safechuck and THEIR LAWYERS agreed to the film…

Of course their lawyers were involved! They probably even wrote the script. I mean, they wrote that bullshit Radar Online “expose” about child porn found at Neverland (which was quickly debunked), so it’s entirely possible they wrote Lying About Neverland, too. And all their interviews, including this one, and Cobra Winfrey’s special.

Wade and James are so lucky they have such versatile lawyers! They’re so good at writing fiction they should be registered with the WGA!

Did Emily actually sit down with them and listen as this pre-written bullshit poured out of their mouths? Or did Dan just email her the interview and she put it together for publication? Because if it’s the latter, how do we know it actually happened? But if it’s the former, how did she not projectile vomit on all of them? Just reading this fucked up trash is making my stomach lurch.

I’m sure Dan uttered the phrase, “It doesn’t matter,” A LOT during the course of making this mockumentary.

James: “I claimed I was abused in the train station, but it didn’t exist yet!”
Dan: “It doesn’t matter.”
Wade: “I said I was left behind at Neverland when my family went to the Grand Canyon, but I actually went with them!”
Dan: “It doesn’t matter.”
Wade: “I dated Brandi for over 7 years, but I said Michael groomed me to hate women!”
Dan: “It doesn’t matter.”
James: “The furniture has been changed in the house we filmed in 17 months ago!”
Dan: “It doesn’t matter.”
Wade: “I lied–”
Dan: “It doesn’t matter.”

It’s interesting to me that they use the word “package” here, because that’s exactly what Leaving Neverland is: A nice, neat package of graphic sexual abuse descriptions, all wrapped up and tied in a bow, and presented to actual pedophiles to use as grooming material.

Well done, guys!

Man, these guys really think they have something. The way Wade describes being interviewed, James with his nerves, Dan with his “telling of history”… it’s just all so fucking FAKE.

Anyone who reads this and thinks, “Wow, their words are so powerful, I totally believe them!” is a stone cold idiot. #FACT

An “intimate” film about child sexual abuse? As if I didn’t feel sick enough already.

This whole section is an obvious attempt to make the mockumentary seem small and modest. Low budget. Just Dan and his assistant producer and NO ONE ELSE. No other crew members, just them, doing all the work by themselves.

Except I don’t think that’s even remotely true. Channel 4, HBO, Oprah, Weinstein, Geffen, etc., were all involved from the start, but we’re supposed to believe they didn’t pour a shit ton of money into the production like they did with the promotion? No fucking way.

As far as I’m concerned, this is just another lie to add to an ever increasing list of BULLSHIT lies.

Correct me if I’m wrong, though.

We already know James’s interviews were shot at an Airbnb because Dan left reviews for both times he used it 17 FUCKING MONTHS APART. Because it took James that long to find the “wedding ring” Michael gave him. Yep.

It’s not like Dan was reviewing James’s first interview and decided it would be more convincing if James actually showed the ring and told him to go buy one so they could film another interview and splice it in because no one would ever notice the furniture had been changed and James wasn’t wearing the exact same clothes as before and the time of day was different. No… of course it wasn’t like that… at all…

Safechuck: At that point, we were still like, “Stay away!” [Laughs.]

But hey, these anecdotes about production mishaps are, like, OMG, so cute! Especially when Dan paid off the Airbnb owner to GTFO! Even though Leaving Neverland was so low budget he couldn’t afford other crew members, but he was still able to bribe a guy! Adorbs!

The best one, though, is Dan’s camera breaking during Wade’s painful interview about his abuse and Dan asking him describe it again. Wow! What a story! Making someone he believed was a sexual abuse survivor repeat himself because he had shitty equipment! Hilarious!

I think we all know what they’re doing here, though. They’re trying to explain away the fact that it’s obvious they did multiple takes for all the interviews. That might work on the braindead sheep who believe them, but for the rest of us, we’re not fucking stupid.

Check out the following videos about multiple takes and deceptive editing, because they are both worth watching.

Wade and James anticipated the criticism their mothers would receive, huh? Did they also anticipate people would pick out their lies so easily? Is that really why they were so hesitant to get their mothers involved? They knew how bad at acting they were? Because when I watch the following video, the words “terrible actress” come to mind…

First of all, FUCKING BITCH. She supposedly celebrated someone’s death and Michael was the sick one?! FOH. Second, as the video explains, she danced when Michael died, but her idiot son didn’t “realize” he was abused until 2013.

Bad actress and bad liar.

And yeah, people do blame Joy and Stephanie, with good reason. These women, Joy especially, hunted Michael down and forced their sons into his life for their own personal and financial gain. They really thought Michael was going to help make their children rich and famous. Only it didn’t work out that way, hence, Leaving Neverland!

The greed, bitterness and entitlement of these people is un-fucking-believable.

If I were a bettin’ woman, I’d bet a fair amount of money it didn’t take much convincing at all to get these two mothers involved in this farce. After Wade and James explained the pay day they’d get from their media appearances and lawsuit appeals (they wish), I’m sure Joy and Stephanie were like

“Reed: Does she have the strength to be weak?”

Yeah, everything Wade says about his mother pretty much confirms to me that Joy was in on the Leaving Neverland scam and not being lied to by her son about being abused. Why? Well, this part in particular:

Robson: I didn’t feel confident that she was going to be in a place to be extremely raw and vulnerable.

Translation: I didn’t feel confident that she was going to be able to lie convincingly enough.

Okay, I had to look up the word “recalcitrant” (so I’m not as smart as Dan Reed, SUE ME). It means “having an obstinately uncooperative attitude towards authority or discipline”.

Does this mean Dan saw himself as an authority over these people? Seems to be what he’s implying. Arrogant bastard.

Ah, yes. The drone shots. The infamous drone shots. The drone shots that take up so much time Leaving Neverland would be half as long without them.

I really only have two things to say here:

One: It’s really quite funny how, when editing Lying About Neverland for UK television, rather than cutting a bunch of drone shots and leaving the rest of it in tact, Dan instead cut out the parts MJ fans had called out as lies. What a coinkydink!!

Two: Dan stole drone footage of Neverland from Compass Real Estate. I can’t imagine they’re too happy about that.

How fucking amazing is it that these guys had such similar experiences?!?!

I mean, they’re so similar you’d think they have the same lawyers or something!

And they weren’t even jealous of each other! That’s incredible!!!

Okay, let’s start at the beginning of this.

The reason their bullshit stories are so “similar” is because they were crafted by the same lawyers AND they used the exact same source material: the pedophilia fantasy novel Michael Jackson Was My Lover by Victor Gutierrez.

How convenient they weren’t jealous of each other. Of course they claim they felt jealousy toward the other boys who “replaced” them because they got too old for Michael, Macaulay Culkin and Brett Barnes (even though Macaulay is 2 YEARS OLDER than Wade, but hey, why should he let that detail get in the way?), but make no mistake, there’s no way they’d say they felt no jealousy toward each other if they weren’t involved in this fucking scam together.

I’m actually really surprised Wade even let James latch onto his lawsuit and now this mockumentary. I guess it’s because James’s involvement gives Wade’s story more “credibility” (?), but Wade’s narcissism is well known at this point. And James has certainly taken some of the attention away from him.

Safechuck: I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the sex stuff was the same.

“Sex stuff”?! This is a 41-year old man! What person his age says stupid fucking things like that? Come on

Now, the Jam video. Wade claimed in Skeeving Slumberland that Michael kept the boys he was supposedly abusing separate, but that doesn’t really fly when you watch the following video…

They “instantly connected”, but Wade looks way more interested in Michael than he does James. #JustSaying

Okay. I’ve mentioned Wade and James’s efforts to seem WAY more important in Michael’s life than they actually were to give their “constant sexual abuse” claims more weight numerous times in my previous articles.

This is another of those efforts. Because their claims just don’t work if Michael doesn’t seem completely obsessed with them. But the truth is, he just wasn’t. If Joy Robson and Stephanie Safechuck hadn’t forced their sons into Michael’s life, he never would’ve thought about them again after he met them and that’s all there is to it.

Why the actual fuck would Michael decide that film making should at least be Wade’s focus if he never expressed an interest in it? I’m pretty sure James did express an interest in it, though, and Michael even got some people he knew in the film industry he to go to James’s house and teach him what they knew. But even so, both of them really make it seem like Michael forced this direction on them.

I don’t believe any of what they say here, but Wade in particular. Michael encouraged people to follow their dreams, whatever those dreams may have been. If Wade was more interested in other things, and if James didn’t tell Michael he wanted to pursue directing, Michael wouldn’t have pushed film making on them.

And this “bigger than Spielberg” and “me and you are going to change the world” bullshit… I mean, Wade’s just laying it on so thick it simply isn’t believable.

However, I do believe Michael told them to study and be the best, because he said that to everyone. Michael believed in education more than just about anything. He even set up a scholarship fund to ensure kids who normally wouldn’t be able to afford to go to college would get the chance to do so.

So yeah, Michael telling them to study means nothing. This whole section is

Okay, I see. Michael’s “involvement in their professional lives” is about the things he said to them when they were kids and how that impacted them as adults. Except he probably didn’t say those things to them. So that renders everything they say about it moot.

That’s why I don’t believe there was any stupid fucking “prophecy”. Again, why would Michael prophesy Wade would be this huge director if Wade’s interests were in dance and choreography? It just doesn’t make any friggin’ sense to me!

Wade “completely fell apart” attempting to direct Step Up Revolution because he couldn’t handle the responsibility. And I think his wife was nagging at him about money, too. Or was that after? Whatever, the point is, Wade took on a project that turned out to be too much for him and he flaked out on it. That’s another reason no one in the industry wants to work with him anymore.

Wade blaming Michael for the failures that were solely his is FUCKING INFURIATING. His failed career, his dad’s suicide, his mental issues, ALL MICHAEL’S FAULT. Guess he’s lucky Michael’s dead so he has an easy scapegoat.

Robson: …But it was mine before he took it from me.

BITCH, you never would’ve been IN the dance industry if it weren’t for Michael! You UNGRATEFUL BASTARD! Yes, I’ve said Michael didn’t play much of a role in Wade’s professional life, but the opportunities Michael DID give him when he was a kid were what lead him to his career. So FUCK YOU, Wade!

Yeah, Wade, you really should’ve stayed done with dancing…

Because you’ve clearly forgotten how to do it.

I suppose it is lucky James found a career he’s really passionate about since he failed at every attempt he made to get into the entertainment industry. He band, his acting efforts, his interest in directing… Total fails.

The fact of the matter is, he simply wasn’t good enough. Not just talent wise, but also as far as Michael is concerned. He wasn’t good enough to be his protege, he wasn’t good enough to learn from him and he definitely wasn’t good enough to even be in his presence.

Robson: …Everything was a lie.

You mean the fake memorabilia you burned, Wade? Because Juliens Auctions confirmed you sold anything of value to them in 2011.

“Healing process”. “Healing journey”. “That feels like something good. Out of the bad”. Wow, Wade really does think he’s some kind of guru. Too bad you need a soul to do something helpful like that.

We all know Wade is lying. Michael never abused him. This is a fact. So why did Wade burn his memorabilia? And why did he take photos of the event? Did he think it would help his lawsuit? Or was there some kind of plan for Leaving Neverland back in 2011? Did this even happen in 2011? Are the photos even real? Or are they Photoshopped?

Okay, this whole exchange right here:

Safechuck: You know what else is strange?
Robson: [Jokingly.] No, James. Tell me.
Safechuck: He put this dream in us to make a film that would change the world, right?
Robson: Wow, yeah. Here you go, Michael.
Reed: You did what he told you to do after all.

If you still needed convincing that this whole interview was scripted, this should fucking do it! OMG, this is so bad I am LITERALLY cringing right now. How does ANYONE think this shit is genuine?! I can’t, I just CANNOT…

Oh, and by the way, you haven’t changed the world with your stupid fictional documentary, Safechuck, you self important ass. The only thing you and the other two morons have changed is how difficult it’s now going to be for REAL victims of sexual abuse to come forward and be heard. That’s nothing to be fucking proud of. Assholes.

Wow. Okay, I got through this mostly unscathed. There were a few moments where I thought I’d lose the contents of my stomach, or wanted to punch my computer screen, but I managed to get through them. Heh, I’m more of a survivor than Wade and James will ever be.

Finally, I’d like to close this piece with a song dedicated to Wade Robson and James Safechuck, by the one and only Michael Trapson.

Fuck Wade. Fuck James. (And fuck Dan, too.)


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