A New Michael Jackson Musical?


By Jamie Bergen

I saw on Twitter the other day that an unauthorized stage musical about Michael Jackson is in the works. It’s called For the Love of a Glove and is the story of Michael’s life told from the perspective of his sequined glove.

I was confused, to say the least.

However, I chose to be optimistic, as one of the producers is Johnny Depp. I mean, if anyone knows the affects of false allegations as well as Michael did, it’s Johnny. I’ve only ever heard him say kind things about Michael, too, so his involvement looked promising.

Not only is he producing, but so is Tony Jones, who worked at Motown and was the one who recorded the Jackson 5’s audition to show to Berry Gordy. He ended up becoming their PR and road manager and he is also Suzanne DePasse’s cousin.


Then I checked out the show’s Instagram page and it appears that this musical is going to be performed… by puppets?

Yeah, my optimism only goes so far. When I saw that, and the rest of the show’s Instagram, I filed the whole endeavor away under “IGNORE”.

But then this happened:

This is… I don’t even know what this is.

Johnny… Why??

A lot MJ fans, myself included, have supported him after Amber Heard’s allegations and this is how he thanks us?! With a bunch of fuckery?? Sure, he didn’t write it, so he’s not directly responsible for it, but he still chose to get involved. And if this turns out to be negative (and at this point I’m fairly certain it will), that support will sure as fuck come to an end. I can’t speak for everyone else, of course, but I will definitely be done with him. He’ll just be another hypocrite I can easily dismiss.

I am not placing all the blame on Johnny, though. Everyone behind this gets a middle finger from me, particularly Tony Jones. This guy knew Michael from when he was 10 years old and continued to be friends with him as he grew up, according to Tony’s bio on the show’s website. So why is he involved? Why does he think a puppet show is a great way to tell Michael’s story? Why does he think the premise is a “truer version” of Michael’s story?

Rider Strong’s play turned out to be a shitshow and this will probably be the same. An alien glove? Puppets? Nah. FOH with that.


Johnny Depp is not involved in this production.

I apologize for any offense I may have caused to any Johnny Depp fans who might have seen this article. I also apologize to Johnny Depp himself, in the unlikely event he actually sees this. I did jump to the wrong conclusion like a gullible idiot. However, the show’s website was the main source I used. His name was indeed listed as a producer in the “The Team” section, but it has since been removed.

Johnny was never involved in the first place, so they used his name for what, publicity? To turn people against him? Fuck this show and everyone behind it even more than I already said.

And of course, fuck the media for running with the story without fact checking AS USUAL.

And again, I am sorry. I should’ve known better than to believe Johnny was involved in something like this and I definitely shouldn’t have attacked him the way I did.

Source: Twitter (as usual)/Instagram/fortheloveofaglove.com